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    Wow! It sounded like you had a splendid trip Gina! Thanks so much for sharing all the photos and stories. It was really fun to see your updates on Google+

    About the Pig’s feet; they eat Pig Feet where I’m from too actually (Trinidad & Tobago) and I’m a fan of “Cow Heel Soup” (another local treat) as well! (It doesn’t make sense that it tastes so good…)

    You were very missed on TWiG however. I look forward to your return!

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    Glad to hear you had a great time! I was recently in China for six weeks. And I heartily agree that the steamed stuffed buns are the best thing ever. One’s with meatballs are basically the best breakfast food ever.


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    Wow! What an incredible experience you had! I love that you have so eloquently and philosophically presented your insights in this article. As a teacher I strive to engender the open-mindedness, compassion, and inquisitiveness that you display in all of your writing. You are so much more than a technology blogger. Keep up the great work!

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    Hi Gina, Great report. Hope you are in the travel mood and will travel to South America soon also. I’d love to help you to get most out of it.

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    I’m planning a trip that will include China for later this year. Can you (or anybody reading) share your tour company info?

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    Mitch Wagner

    Gina, looks like we may be going to China next year. What tour company did you use? Do you recommend them?

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    Francine Hardaway

    I went a year ago as part of GOAP. I highly recommend going with Dave, as he sees all the things tourists don’t see, including tech conferences. We did do the Great Wall and tour, but we also talked to Chinese entrepreneurs. I am overwhelmed by China, although I don’t lose sight of the human rights violations.

    We had a (donated) VPN, so we were able to dodge all the restrictions. But I did run up a $1000 phone bill doing stuff like checking in at the Great Wall and challenging my fellow GOAPers for who would check in first.

    I’m glad you loved it.

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    Gina Trapani

    @Mitch and everyone else who asked: We traveled with http://www.legendsofchina.com/

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    Great post and photos – thanx for sharing!!

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    Awesome narrative! Thanks for sharing.

    For those who asked about which tour, may I suggest Ritz Tours, a bit more expensive but well managed and not hiccups. “Just Holidays” based in California is also O.K., less expensive …

    I’ve been there with both of them so I’m talking from experience. And take along a good digital camera with plenty of memory chips and/or HD camcorder. In lieu of a laptop to beam back pixs an iPad with Wi-Fi only will do too back at the hotel. (A Camera Connection Kit $29 is needed though).

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    BTW, when I was in China last year, October~November time frame, I have extremely high speed Internet access with my MacBook (Ethernet) and hotel in room connection. Except at a stop up in the mountains 180 miles north of Beijing, a religious retreat called Wuyishan. It was a slow connection at 150 kbs. In the cities, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, etc. I remember connect speed was an incredible 400~500 kbps; faster than Comcast back here in California at that time (200 kbps) although now Comcast is averaging 350 kbps.

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    If you do visit Hanzhou, a favorite of wealthy folks and a must-see tourist city, west of Shanghai, about 200 miles as part of a tour, and the tour bus takes you around West Lake, be sure to look for several car dealerships.

    In 2009, I got my first glimpse of Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Lamborghini dealers.

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    At the risk of sounding like a tour-operator (I’m not), here’s a tidbit if you plan to follow Gina…

    China tours are dirt-cheap; some cost less than a regular round-trip ticket, believe it or not!

    For example, a regular round-trip ticket costs somewhere around $2,000. Some tours start at $1,600 including hotel (4-star or 5-star), 3 meals, guided tours, 6-day or more, ….

    (Ritz Tours is the high-end)


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