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    Loved the compilation and how it kept cutting back to the umbrella remix.

    I’ve listened to all 100 and will listen to 100 more!

    Thanks for the great show and congrats!

  2. 2

    Greg Kemble

    TWiG is 100% win. Congratulations–and keep them coming! They’re a high point in my week.

  3. 3

    Richard Smith

    Gina, Jeff and Leo are what I look forward to on Wednesdays. You guys totally rock. I too have listened to all 100 episodes. This was a great video. Thanks for posting Gina.

  4. 4


    TWiG fan from the start… Leo fan from way back. The 100th episode was typically great, as is the compilation.

    TWiT is truly changing the world, and when the rest of the industrial revolution media finally finish dying (and killing one another), what survives will be what you and Leo and Jeff and TWiT are currently inventing.

    I have especially enjoyed watching you go from an outgoing geek who happened to be on a podcast to a real slick public personality. The talent and confidence were there from the start, but a LOT of polish has been added.

    Gina, I am a fan.

  5. 5


    Here is to 100 more. The compilation video is excellent! I love watching the show. And after seeing 100, I can honestly say I understand a larger percentage of it now. 🙂

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