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    Abraham Williams

    Interestingly most of the comments on the TC article were in support of Google while most of the comments on HN were against Google.

  2. 2

    Rich Brown

    Likewise, and total agreement here. I took it as a reminder to call some other friends and dads, and tweet a thanks to all the quasi-dads I’ve had along the way: friends’ dads, neighbors’ dads, etc.

  3. 3

    Steve - Kestrel's Aerie

    I lost my dad almost 25 years ago, but I don’t miss him any less. But just maybe it was that Google reminder that caused my sons to call ME yesterday.

    No, Google didn’t drop the ball. If anything, the reminder caused me to think about my dad (and my late father-in-law) a bit, and remember some of the great times we enjoyed: My first baseball game, playing golf together, a vacation my dad and I took, just the two of us, while I was in college.

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    I always take TechCrunch’s Google coverage with a grain of salt – two grains if it involves social. They have been among the loudest proponents of the “Google doesn’t get social” crowd. This was by far their worst attempts to force a story into that narrative.

    If Google’s simple reminder ‘failed’, then so did every news program and Father’s Day article which also included the “Remember to call your father today” mention. I did so gladly.

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    My dad died on June 19, 2001 – exactly 10 years ago, so it was not very nice.

    Just because it didn’t faze YOU doesn’t mean it was not insensitive. There are other things you probably find important that if google did the same thing you would be hurt.

    There are places for this, but they ought not try to get so cute. At least not in the current era.

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    Chris Daida

    Agreed, Gina. My dad passed away when I was a child, and reminders of fathers on father’s day kinda comes with the territory. What are we going to do, hate on everyone who dares to celebrate fathers on the day society has designated for the celebration of fathers? Give me a break, Alexia.

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    Brice Gilbert

    This is one of those cases where I feel it’s not Google’s job to protect you from words. Words that are going to be in your face all day (It’s a national holiday after all).

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    Brian Hanifin

    I feel for people who are upset by this. I lost my mom 10 years ago, so mother’s days are emotional reminders for me. However, I it inappropriate for me to berate others for celebrating their mothers and fathers who are still alive. Good for them, I don’t wish anyone to loose their parents too soon.

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    I lost my dad some years ago, too, but this didn’t phase me at all. My son had some fun with this by calling me from GTalk. (We live in the same house!)

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