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I'm a geek with a love for all things tech. I'm also an online business consultant with expertise in SEO, SMM, and digital marketing strategies.

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    One of the greatest things about doing meaningful work is that you attract the collaboration of others who are motivated by the same goals. You get rich with awesome coworkers. 🙂

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    I truly believe in doing something worthwhile with your life, and fully agree that a lot of us are doing things we don’t particularly enjoy, nor do we engage in an “obligation” as Alex puts it. However, I would encourage people to remember that a geek’s potential isn’t only in the tools he/she creates or the business he/she builds.

    I have created a very sustainable lifestyle business, much as Justin Vincent discusses. I enjoy it, it allows me great freedom, and I consider myself very privileged. I also think it contributes in some way, as I have a number of amazing testimonials from people claiming how the product I’ve made has had a huge impact on their life in a shockingly positive way. All of that is great.

    However, I also feel that our obligation can be expressed beyond the keyboard. Do we donate to causes that we believe in; with our extra time because we’re not stuck working 9-5, or with our extra money because we pay our bills and have some left over? To imply that a geek is somehow missing the boat just because he/she *is* trying to build a lifestyle business versus overturn the banking industry is possibly forgetting the million other ways to contribute.

    I solved a problem with a business, but it fails your above test. Because my problem was primarily that I need a certain amount of money to survive. However, with that issue solved, I now contribute in a number of ways to other social goods–however, they don’t show up on my resume because they aren’t specifically tied to my project/startup/lifestyle business. But my freedom from financial worry and timesheets allow me to participate socially in ways many of my friends can’t because of their jobs.

    With all that said, I can’t wait for BankSimple, as they’re tackling not just a problem, but a financial epidemic and showing a lot of courage and tenacity along the way. I just hope people don’t feel like it’s an either/or and that “problems worth solving” can only be exercised in how we express our geek cred.

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    geek powa !!! I love the post, there’s plenty of people I know that should read this.

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    Great post. Give your mom a big hug from us. I think as a father, I’ve tried to lead by example, but your mom makes that point that we parents have to be more direct. Guess I’ve got to step my game up.

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