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    I am kinda shocked they didn’t record any of the talks. Seems like they are missing out on some extra cash by selling the videos.

    Thank you Gina for taking the time to post your transcript!

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    Matthew Haughey

    Gina, this is easily the best talk I’ve seen on open source before. And I mean that as impartially as possible. I know we’re friends, but even if I was a stranger I’d be saying goddam, that’s a good talk.

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    Gina, just registered to say: “goddam, that’s a good talk.”
    I really enjoyed reading this, and hope I learned something from it. Thank you!

  4. 4

    David Stanley

    Excellent talk. Nice to see what is happening behind the curtain with your projects.

  5. 5

    Dave Doolin

    That’s nice, I already have an account here!

    The talk was excellent, CodeConf overall was stupendous, dinner was ok food, great company.

    ThinkUp looks pretty cool so far. I’ve got it installed on localhost, and already pulled down my Twitter stream. I’ve got some catch up work to do with people on Twitter, having been absent for a few months. ThinkUp is going to help with that, I can already tell.

    Looking forward to a growing community!

  6. 6

    Mike DeRousse

    Great talk Gina.

    I did quite a bit of development earlier on in my career and am starting to feel the itch to get involved with an OSS project sometime soon. I can only hope that I can find something that interests me and operates under the philosophies you’ve described here.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

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