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    I think we need more liders in general, and women are indeed underrepresented.

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    I have to be honest and say I comment before having viewed the video or read the article.

    But as a Man, it happens that “women” is a subject I have been interested in for quite a while (it means that I have things to say about the subject not that I have fully grasped it, since I never will).

    I postulate that Men and Women are equal but…
    different, may be it is the most difficult thing to grasp, that two entities can be at the same time different without one being superior to the other.

    Women can be as bad as men can be, conversely they can be as good too.

    So it is not women that we need but good women.

    A sign that we are moving forward, is that, the person that claims that we need women leaders happens to be … a woman.

    Isn’t that a sign that equality is moving forward ? 😉

    plus I send some love (respect and admiration) to the good women

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    Sheryl Sandberg’s talk has spread like wildfire in my circle of female friends. She has captured two fundamental elements of successful leadership (no matter sexual gender/orientation/positioning): to be assertive in drive and presence while at the same time to be accepting of much needed support in the advancement of one’s career.

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    The most obvious example of a company that needs both ethnic and gender diversity:


    If a picture is worth a 1000 words…


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