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    Tony Burkhart

    I would like to try it, when the new version is released. Also, I get a 404 on the Amazon Appstore link, on my Xoom. Love your work, thanks!

  2. 2

    Michael Sacchi

    Welcome to the Apple AppStore-like world.

  3. 3


    Hmm. “The Amazon Appstore is only available for customers located in the United States”.

    Ok, I can *kind of* see the point of geo-restrictions for music and videos, and can more or less accept the context that leads to geo-restrictions for ebooks. But *apps*? (and not only specific apps, but the whole store!)

  4. 4


    Ahh, the inherent problems of the curated App Store. I think with all the hype around Amazon’s Appstore launch, we all forgot that it won’t be the panacea people long for.

    What it might do is give a push in Google’s direction to release timely updates that enhance the experience on the Android Market.

    Personally, I can see both stores co-existing nicely, but I prefer the open Android Market with Gina’s updated app available right now.

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