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    Interesting decision…you wouldn’t expect many people to have an android phone and an iPad. Do you think you would still go this route if you weren’t a tech blogger/developer? It seems you’ll be sacrificing somewhat in lack of integration (buying apps twice, adapting to the different experience when switching between devices.)

    Also, I’m guessing you’re getting the wifi version to use with a mobile hotspot, but will you be using it mostly for at home or on the go as a netbook alternative? Also, what about the 10″ form factor appeals more to you than the 7″ (not that there are really any noteworthy 7″ honeycomb tablets in the works.)

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    I suspect Jeff & Leo will be teasing you about this on the next episode of TWIG. Seriously though, enjoy your new toy. I hope you publish something about the differences between the two.

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    For $250 and no cellphone contract, I think a hacked Nook Color is the way to go. That will give you a chance to wade into Android tablet computing and still be able to afford a better one in Fall when the market has made better models more affordable.

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    Gina, I completely agree with you. I’m an Android advocate, use a ton of both Google services and some Apple devices. For what I am looking for in a tablet, my wife’s iPad more than fits the bill. While I want to be able to do the most granular of tweaking on my Nexus One, the tablet in my life is mostly geared towards consumption (simpler/easier is better).

    Enjoy the iPad and I look forward to being able to do todo.txt’ing (what a horridly structured phrase) from the iPad like I do on my PAID Android app and commnad-line on Mac/Win.

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    I was holding my breath that you would jump on the xoom despite the price. Either way I hope you enjoy the iPad and continue to develop for Android first 😀

    I have to say I’ve really enjoyed my week with my xoom. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want a tablet when the iPad came out. Then I played with one and started justifying it. When moto/google announced the xoom I decided that I would get it to replace my aging XP laptop. Yes, I could have spent less on another laptop or a little more and gotten a macbook air but this little device suits my needs. It’s lightweight, battery life is fantastic and I can access the net from (basically) anywhere. Hell, I did my last three english homework assignmemts from it.
    Admitedly, the xoom has some shortcomings, but then so did android 1.0. Given a little time I can see great things happening with it. Overall my experience has been good.I hope yors is equally rewarding with the iPad.

    Oh and SSH from the xoom to my desktop makes life great when I’m out and about.

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    Gina, I’m remember one TWIG episode (admittedly quite a long time ago) you mentioned that you were really hooked into the whole Kindle ecosystem.

    So why did you sell your Kindle, even before you’re getting the iPad2?

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    Abhimanyu Ghoshal

    Good choice – I’m still wary of buying Android devices because of the iffy firmware update situation (holds true for every brand) and the fact that Apple is the one making the best touchscreen devices in terms of accuracy and responsiveness. If I’m going to plonk down $650 (the price of an unlocked – we only buy unlocked phones – top-end Android smartphone in India) then I want a futuristic user experience.

    The iPad 2 looks like a total blast. Go for it!

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    Ahmed Muhi

    I wish all the good for you for all the lives you helped make better.

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    Aaron Studer


    Why not just buy a Nook Color, root it and install a custom ROM?

    Save yourself 250 Dollars.


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    How about a potential substitute for paper ?(except of course if you type faster than you write)

    We have never been so close to having the possibility to trade writing on paper (casually) with writing on a tablet.

    When one day I wanted to put my notes in order, I realise that at work I write on a notebook or attending a conference I write on a block of paper.
    But what happens after ? I never read again my notes because my notebook (a paper one) has its page sequentially ordered like the recordings at the time of cassettes.

    Hence my idea to write on a tablet pc or equivalent (eg asus ep 121) and be able to put my notes in a relevant folder where I can find them back later.

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    Rose Clark

    Does this mean we’ll see you on MacBreak Weekly? 🙂 Awesome!

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    I’m NOT getting an iPad 2.

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    I’ve been waiting, too, Gina. However for my purposes, the iPad2’s improvements that matter are the improved speed and only 12% reduction in weight. So, I took advantage of the $350 refurb deal. If it ends up being too sluggish for my needs, I think I dump it on eBay for at least $300.

    I’ll bet it cost Apple less than a dollar to make that cover.

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    I have two iPads I gave one to my mother (she is 69y). I can not tell you how many times she calls me to ask how to view an attachment in her email, or even more calls, to ask why she can not see a Flash site. She keeps asking “can I do something about this problem”; This Makes the iPad not useable for her. We tried Skyfire not good do not wast your money. My complaints: I can no longer see 60mins, if you go to the site on your iPad you have to pay for an app (crazy). I am also not to big on the dictator Steve telling me I am not allow to view wikileaks app etc… 
    ……………Steve I need FLASH also………………
    As soon as I see a tablet that works as good as the iPad and has a good price point, with FLASH I am sold. Apple! can  keep the Light weight, battery life etc.. means nothing if you can not see the video or the site. All I have is a light paper weight. Steve should have been born in a communist country.

    On the bright side he has open the door for competitors, why is taking so long? This shows us the quality of the CEO’s that are out their Balmer Microsoft etc… 

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