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    Barry Nolette

    Mark Zuckerberg has a really odd way of talking, or maybe it’s just because he’s reading off a cue card. Or at least it seems that way. I can’t really trust him. Everyone else in the video was a human, Mark was a robot.

    Anyways, this is the first time I’ve heard about Code for America. It seems like a really great idea. Anything that could improve government is a good idea, in my opinion.

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    Christian AmericanPatriot

    Wow, lots of generalities, no specifics. Typical. Technology won’t improve government, suppose it was Nazi Germany’s government and cities? Only a proper moral code will improve government. When the moochers’ and looters’ so-called rights are expanded at the expense of the producer’s freedoms from which come the tax revenues to finance the welfare state, technology will only speed the implementation. Perhaps that is what is desired?

    Listen, there are homeless folks and street people all around. Why must this be so? The “liberals” are in control and have billions to spend. We put you “in charge” and you are squandering your opportunity, as usual, but on a MUCH grander scale.

    How about, for example, instead of taking lavish vacations, our leaders, who constantly tell us “common folk” to volunteer our time, and “patriotically pay our taxes, set the example and do what they tell us, rather than acting like royalty and lording it over us? You have been given a great opportunity and you are blowing it. If there are more moochers than producers then you will remain in power. If you lose, however, it will be your own fault, there will be no one to blame but yourselves. That may actually turn out to be a good thing.

    I am a producing “geek” and I implore you to IMPLEMENT your idealism starting with your own house FIRST.

    Your hypocrisy and the destruction it causes is prophesied, but need it be so soon?

    Grow up.

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