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    Nathaniel Kabal

    Is their tersely worded warning on the page, re-emphasizing that it isn’t for Google Apps, new, or was that three when you wrote this?

  2. 2


    I’ve just filled out the form and s submitted it…let’s see what happens.

  3. 3

    Gina Trapani

    Huh. This part: “Despite some comments to the contrary on the Internet, all these rules still apply. In particular, transferring Google Voice to a Google Apps account is NOT SUPPORTED.” was not there earlier.

    Sorry, Google? I think?

  4. 4


    Just submitted my request, fingers crossed…

  5. 5


    Request submitted. I will post results.

  6. 6


    love it, thanks! I was looking for this feature all over the settings when you mentioned it at TWIG, thanks for posting the form, I just couldn’t find it. Now if it just works, hehe.

  7. 7


    I was able to move my Voice account from my @gmail.com email address to my domain-specific Apps account, but I’m certainly no Gina Trapani. Guess it was a truly random group of users.

    Transfer Your Google Voice Number to Another Google Account [How-To]

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