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    Jemaleddin Cole

    I’ve had an account since GrandCentral and never could get past the audio delay – have they fixed that yet?

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    I’ve been using Google Voice since it was Grand Central, and I couldn’t recommend it more. One more thing to love about Voice – transcribed voice mail. It’s only about 90-95% accurate, but it’s still enough to get the gist of any message, making sorting/importance/etc a breeze.

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    Google, come on, EU awaits.

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    Ryan Unmack

    I love Google Voice and highly recommend the service. But I have to disagree with Mark’s statement about 90-95% accuracy in transcribing as I typically enjoy the comedic factor of how inaccurate the transcriptions in my inbox tend to be. Granted I do have friends with accents, and some of them now try to confuse the transcription software. 🙂 (in their defense if I know context of the message the gist is always discernible)

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    Werner Plaas

    “just opened to everyone in the U.S.”
    How so?
    I still get a “You have no invites left” message when I try to invite someone.
    Any other link I’m missing?
    Slow updates like Android versions?

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    @Ryan Well, I guess YMMV. Some or my messages are way off, some are perfect. In my experience, though, the majority are pretty close.

    Even on the worst examples, though, it still gives me a fairly accurate context. That’s the point I was trying to make 🙂

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    Mark Madison

    Alas, no numbers in my zip code yet, but I remain hopeful. TWIG is the best of the best on the TWIT network. Thanks.

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    This is very cool and I am starting to use this more and more now. Sorry to our neighbors across the Atlantic can’t use this service yet though.

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