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    Wow, this is pretty awesome! I wrote this script and added a launcher to my panel in Ubuntu to execute it. It displays my calendar events for the next 24 hours in a OSD notification.

    #events from Google calendar in the next 24 hours in an OSD notification

    google calendar today title,when --delimiter=", " > /tmp/24hrs.txt

    current_time=`date +%r`
    msg="The current time is $current_time"

    while read event;


    done < /tmp/24hrs.txt

    notify-send "Events in next 24 hours" "$msg"
    rm /tmp/24hrs.txt
    exit 0

    Too bad ‘today’ does not actually return today’s events. Also the ‘–date’ option seems a little buggy.

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    Chad Stephen Albert

    I made up a shell script that dumps today’s calendar events to a text file that gets displayed in Conky on my desktop. Nice clean list of the days events above a todo.txt list. The text file is in Dropbox, so it’s across several locations for use on other machines.

    google calendar today title >today.txt

    use a simple cron job to update the today file every however often, and you’re good to go….

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    Gina Trapani

    @Chad: the Dropbox component is a great idea.

    @Ramon: I didn’t know about when, or the delimiter!

    My new favorite calendar command:

    $ google calendar today when,title --delimiter " | "

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    Why not create the cloud version of todo.txt by having it automatically store is data in a google docs spreadsheet?

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    Barron Bichon

    I’m no BASH expert, but here’s what I threw together to show the start times of events for the next week in an alternate date format:


    BEG=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")
    END=$(date -v+7d "+%Y-%m-%d")

    google calendar list -d $BEG,$END when,title > gcal.tmp

    while read line
    MY_DATE=$(date -j -f "%b %d %H:%M" "$G_DATE" "+%A %l:%M %p")
    echo $MY_DATE "-" ${line:28}
    done < gcal.tmp

    \rm -rf gcal.tmp

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    Does anyone know if there is a way to display subscribed calendars (non-editable) in Google CL?

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    Wow. Downloading my Picasa albums from a command line was a borderline religious experience.

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    Jon White

    want to add my todo.txt file to google docs but when I upload it creates a new file each time. How can I overwrite it?

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    Sufian Siddiqi

    I’ve got multiple calendars on my account so I use the following to retrieve all events for the day via terminal:

    echo “Next 24hrs: “;google calendar today when,title –delimiter ” | ” –cal “.*”

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