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  1. 1


    Should we set up a wave to wave about this wave?

    That would be meta.

  2. 2

    Adam Stegman

    It’s a neat concept, especially that you can post it in several places at once. The live updates are better than “liveblogs”, and it’s fun to watch you type.

    The embedded wave format needs some work though. I couldn’t skip to next unread by hitting spacebar, nor did the button at the bottom to do that work. I had to either scroll up to the top of the very tall view and click that button, or just look myself to see if anything new was posted.

    It also doesn’t scroll down automatically with new blips, which is kind of annoying.

  3. 3


    That’s my biggest problem with wave it really stinks on the mobile application

  4. 4


    I guess all of the exciting consumer announcements come tomorrow????

  5. 5


    Will you create new wave tomorrow or continue here?

  6. 7

    Jesse Newcomb

    Gina what is your take on the HTC EVO have mine reserved

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