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    Mark Linford

    Thanks for publishing this video, Gina. It’s a great explanation for a) Why ThinkTank is a really cool app :), and b) Why using social media is not about just following the latest internet fads, but is a useful tools for communication with your “customers.”

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    Great presentation!

    I was having a conversation with a friend of mine last night who boasted “I have never been on Facebook or any of that crap and I never will”. I couldn’t help but think (and this presentation solidified that thought) “That’s OK, but just know, your voice is not being heard.”

    While some people say the internet is awash with garbing babble, all of that information is important to someone and it takes a great mind like yours Gina to make something that can extract the value from the noise.

    Truly amazing!!

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    Mark Richey

    So much info in just 12 Min!

    As a php code junkie and with a job that is all about finding out what people want there software to do this has got me thinking.

    Thanks for posting it up and congratz on Think Tank. I am betting Twitter will one day try and steal it (as I remember they said it was supposed to be built in) but I am sure you will just invent the next thing they could not manage to do!

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    Marcel Mitsuto

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about for 5 years now!

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