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    I have to admit, I read that and thought the exact opposite thing – that *losing* my highlights, last page read, and bookmarks isn’t worth getting corrections to the book. I trust that those things won’t disappear one day.

    I do like that book though 😉

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    It kind of makes you wonder what it would take for Amazon to pull an 1984 on your books. Could I force a correction if I sued for libel?

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    “…contained some errors that have been corrected.”

    According to this web site, ‘In 1963 the Philadelphia Board of Education, after removing Huck Finn, replaced it with an adapted version which “tone[d] down the violence, simplify[d] the Southern dialect, and delete[d] all derogatory references to Negroes.” ‘ Would those count as errors to Amazon? I’ll stick with the (DRM-free) books I have, thanks.

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    Wow, you don’t get the choice to opt out of the update? Even Microsoft gives you that choice. Amazon really needs to rethink their customer interaction philosophy if it wants to stand a chance against Apple.

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    Peter Raymond

    I just received the same email but for “Happy Hour of the Damned” by Mark Henry. What on earth could they need to update in a work of fiction?

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    Josh Parmely

    Weren’t they already sued once for manipulating content on a user’s device during that Orwell debacle? Between how Amazon’s content is licensed and the fact that they keep reaching into peoples’ homes and molesting their data (with no opt-out, especially) ensures that I’m never going to purchase a single piece of digital media from them.

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    Part of this post confuses me. Does Amazon mean that they have corrected some things in a new version of the item you already purchased and that you can download this new version with the changes but if you do you will lose your notes and highlights or does it mean that it already made the changes in the item you purchased. Because if it’s the latter, I don’t see why you would need to download the new version, right?

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    Josh Parmely

    Actually, that’s a good question. I couldn’t tell one way or the other, I just assumed Amazon was making more poor business decisions. If you take the update on your own terms, I’m not so irate about it.

    I still won’t buy their products, though.

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