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    Keith Moon

    I already thought Richard Stallman seemed like an extreme and strange individual, and I’m more convinced than ever after this interview.

    I understand he is pushing for open software, which is a good thing, but he’ll grow more and more out of touch with the mainstream internet if he works in such a hampered way.

    Wish I could admire his dedication to a cause, but it just seems stubborn.

  2. 2

    Rob Blatt

    In my mind, we need Stalman’s around, but we don’t all have to aspire to have a mind towards open source as he does. It’s one of those cases where there are things you can learn here are there, but it’s not a lifestyle I want to emulate. However, I do appreciate what he’s done for the open source movement.

  3. 3

    Jay Liew

    By chance a few years ago I was in Malaysia when coincidentally he was giving a speech on free software at the local university. So I went to go check it out.

    He did his shtick on Emacs, how is a saint of the church of Emacs and what not there, complete with a fake religious costume. (http://stallman.org/saint.html) Now I know that’s a joke, but this is a religious part of the world and more than half the crowd probably stared at him in horror as he made his religious claims and what not.

    That’s a joke doesn’t transcend geographical boundaries. And apparently he couldn’t read from the live audience that the crowd didn’t get it, and he continued even more.


    and insensitive.

    “That gives me a chance to catch mistakes and faux pas.”

    Now that’s funny.

    I support free software, but I do not support religious extremists, real or fake.

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