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    I would think the most frequently asked question about Wave is “Is anybody still using it?”.

    I don’t know anyone who’s even vaguely interested in it now the hype has died down.

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    Isaiah Roberts

    For those who use Google Chrome(or Chromium)with extensions, I’d recommend One Number(http://goo.gl/ivnQ), it checks gMail/gVoice/gWave/gReader all at once, and you can tweak it quite nicely. It’s the first extension I ALWAYS install.

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    Lisa Miller

    Thanks for your manual on Wave, Gina. I found that after I had read it, played on Wave for a few days and now I’m reading it again it makes more sense. No, I don’t watch TV.

    Any idea when Wave is going to speed up a bit? Using it is pretty frustrating.

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    For non-techies, I’d call Wave “instant e-mail collaboration”. “Multimedia wikichat” encompasses more of its features, but e-mail gives it something more people can relate to.

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    Daniel Graversen

    You write that wave can be used to create surveys in. In see was as way to unstructed for polls/surveys unless you have some gadgets for it.

    For project management scrum can also be used for managing scrum projects. I created a demo of this on my site http://masteringwave.com

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    Ideas for the next edition of the complete wave guide…

    As an architect, I would love to understand more about Wave architecture. Topics might include federation, API, clients, embedding wave in other apps, etc.

    Another idea – how to use wave in the context of the enterprise.

    Best, Jeff

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    For notifications also don’t forget about Waveboard for iPhone and Mac http://www.getwaveboard.com/ iTunes AppStore direct link: http://j.mp/iphonewave

    For the iPhone it provides Push Notifications.

    For the Mac it provides a system conform integration to the status menu and Growl Notifications.

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