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    Nabil Boutaleb

    So is it possible to use Skype on an Android phone? Or does the site assumes I’ll be using my PC/Laptop to make phone calls? Not nearly as convenient…

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    A month ago I had my cellphone (nokia E90) and laptop stolen. Since the insurance paid out I’ve been primed to press the button to get two nexus ones (my wife insists ;-). I refreshed my Google checkout account (bought an android cap US$11.51), signed up as an Android developer (US$25), all so I could make sure I’m enabled to buy this new device.

    Now I find out there will be “No New Google Nexus One Smartphone For OZ” http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Phones/Mobile/A6N2Q3A2 . It looks like they will block Australian IPs and credit cards.

    BUGGER! What is wrong with these people! If they want world domination, they are going to have to remember that the rest of the world exists and is willing to throw money at them.

    Now I have to set-up a damn USA proxy and find a US credit card just so I can buy the DAMN PHONE @#%$&^*(%$#@!!!

    It shouldn’t be this BLOODY HARD!

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    Interesting decision. I wonder if it may have something to do with Australia’s recent decisions on censoring the internet or their lack of bandwidth?

    It’s a long shot, but for a company who’s main objective is to get as may people on line as possible, Australia is not setting the example I think they would want to see.

    I just hope I can get the phone here in Canada.

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    Braden Douglass

    Google’s openness model is most certainly targeting Australia’s stranglehold on it’s internet. Google’s hope has always been access, access, access and anyone who gets in their way is slowly massaged out of the market…yeah, Australia.

  5. 5


    A question though: If I understand correctly, you then need a data connection to make your phone calls. Even if the T-Mobile network is better than AT&T’s (we hear a lot about your complaints here in France ;-), is the data network really reliable enough for your phone calls? Or maybe I was mislead in some way… I suppose, you can also decide that the phone capability is not of premium importance for a smart”phone”…

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    does this mean that t-mobile will give you a data only choice?

  7. 7


    Google, HTC and other similar companies will almost always sell everything to any country they legally, contractually, and physically can.
    Google Earth is available in almost every country, for example. Assuming that this phone is available contract free then there shouldn’t be contractual or physical issues or Google Checkout. (shipping costs may provide some physical barrier, but they can pass these on to the consumer)

    This leaves legal. Phones, being wireless devices, need to pass certification. I’m guessing that this phone will be available everywhere it is certified.

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