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    R. Brennan Knotts

    What I’d like to know is how much longer until we get a really killer app for Google Docs on Android?

    I may be missing something but I was surprised when I got my Droid that I couldn’t find a way to use Google docs.

  2. 2

    Gina Trapani

    Agreed–lack of a native Google Docs app (and I’d add, Google Reader) are two big holes in the Android suite of built-in apps.

  3. 3

    Fred Blue

    Agree with your opinion. I submit that a missing aspect of the GMail client on Android is the ability to accept/decline meeting requests directly from the phone. I receive a lot of meeting requests and I am boggled by the lack of this functionality.

  4. 4

    Jason Krellner

    I agree, it is primarily for Googlers. But there’s also UStream Broadcaster, and there’s bound to be more, especially if Android becomes the place you can go if Apple bans your app.

    I would like to see Docs and Reader apps but I am not sure it is going to happen. It seems that Google thinks the future is web apps. Which sucks, because I hate being stuck in a web app when I am browsing my Reader posts.

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