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    Gina, from this entry I really can’t get a feel for where you stand on this topic. Do you have an opinion you’d like to share on this whole “Google doesn’t believe in personal privacy” thing?

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    I would have thought that was obvious from what was quoted shadyguy. If you read the full article its made even clearer.

    I was irked when I read that quote from Schmidt and now I have a response to it that I couldn’t have written as well myself heh

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    Abhimanyu Ghoshal

    Yup, not sure what you make of this, Gina. I believe that we should have control over what companies and governments that provide us products and services know about us – and it should be a compulsory citizen action to clearly define these boundaries for each individual. I’m happier with targeted advertising because of companies knowing what I’m up to via my web profile and so on, but I’m less comfortable with them knowing where I go and what I do in my offline life. I guess I’m being a bit ambiguous, but most of this is in the air as it is…

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    Gina Trapani

    I’m with Bruce on this.

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    Christopher Wetmore

    I’m not having any problems with understanding Gina. My life, my thoughts, my TIME, are my property, and I’ll choose when and how to share them.

    I use Google a lot. I’m not thrilled with how much they profile, but I choose to continue using them. Mostly.

    But somehow, those who say “You have nothing to hide” always seem to have lawyers, confidentiality agreements, and homes with fences.

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    Here are just 5 activities you might want to do with some privacy.

    Arrange a surprise or gift for a loved one.
    Research controversial topics, or medical conditions.
    Avoid marketing.
    Think Different.
    Make a mistake.

    Spot which one(s) impact Google’s bottom line.

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