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    Giannicolus Jones

    I just found out about this book called Glimmer, all about design and problem-solving.

    There’s also a blog, and I just started reading it yesterday. Something I saw there really applies to this:
    In a world of distraction, here’s how and why to find your focus, and I actually thought it was going to be one of the things you linked to.

    Since it wasn’t, I thought you might like to read it.

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    If this was a financial antidote as well, I would consider this too. But taking a year off… I was sh*tting my pants when I was without a job for six months when moving from Germany to Brazil.
    But daydreaming certainly will give you the best ideas and new perspectives on things.

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    Seven years seems to be the standard practice for academic sabbaticals but I think these days with more people staying in one job for less time, the ideal sabbatical would be shorter but more frequent. I think the ideal sabbatical would be 3 months every 2 years.

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