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  1. 1

    Tim Elam

    Sounds interesting, but I can’t sign-in to Wave because I haven’t received an invite yet. Send me an invite if you have some extras. Thanks.

  2. 2

    Brian Tiede

    Even being signed into wave, I still cannot see the embedded wave.

  3. 3

    Gina Trapani

    Sorry about the embedding problem, all–should work now (if you’re signed into Wave).

  4. 4

    Annedien Hoen

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but …

    I heard you say in a podcast about Wave that Waves need “gardeners”. And I see that it’s apparent to get into the technical details of what a Wave is and how to manage those.

    However, as for the gardening bit: our rational, linear mind will discard information that may be relevant from one part of the mind eco but will be lost in the process of weeding, hence disempowering the collective.
    Like Margaret Wheatley explains: systems that are open to all information, including that which is disruptive for the organisation, remain vital. As a result, “Gardeners” may unbeknowingly drain the life out of a Wave.
    I can somehow see a connection to your post about Leo Laporte and marketing to smart people. It’s not about making the process dumber, it’s about making the managers of that process smarter.

    Does this make sense? What is a good mindset to approach a Wave, of your own collection of waves?

    I have only been in someone else’s sandbox Wave, by the way – on my own, so I can’t say anything about the process of waveing with others 😉 but maybe that’s a benefit rightnow.

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