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    Mike Cerm

    Since no one mentioned it: Hamachi. That, TrueCrypt, and KeePass keep all my data safe. Also, if I’m feeling very secretive, I’ll forgo Wi-Fi, and tether to my phone instead.

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    I don’t tweet, so I guess I’m too untimely to participate in your survey. I don’t feel like going through another epicycle in the evolution of the Intertubes, as Twitter recapitulates every triviality like increasing noise-to-signal, trolls, spambots, reputation-inflation, buying followers (aka “hits”), and gaming Twitter search engines. Give me the Usenet flame wars!

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    Gina Trapani

    @Kent: You’re not too untimely, you’re participating by just commenting here! Forgive me, I’m testing out ways to run quick surveys via Twitter and publish the results here for posterity’s sake AND for 140+ further discussion in the comments

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    Jason Barone

    I know this doesn’t answer the question, but I’m a big fan of using web apps, and NOT carrying around your entire life on a laptop. My workflow is to have a home computer, with good security software, hard data on secondary drives, not system drives, frequent backups via Syncback. All sensitive data in Keepass. Dropbox & LogMeIn for access to my entire computer on the go. If I’m using another PC, I’ll always use LogMeIn to visit important websites, like banking/webmail, using my home PC.

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