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    Mike Cerm

    This post sums up my thoughts exactly! About 2 months ago, AVG Free started issuing weekly upgrade-nags to all my relatives. I gave some the MSE Beta, and the rest will be getting the newly released version, ASAP.

    It puts almost no additional load on the system, and hasn’t done anything to bother me. The other AV vendors need to take notice: after years of expensive solutions that ran like molasses (and acted like viruses themselves), and free products that were complicated and naggy, Microsoft has just eaten all their lunch.

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    Unfortunately, my grandparents actually paid for Norton 360. They have a netbook (who doesn’t these days?) and I put Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. I want to put the full version of Ubuntu on their desktop, but I don’t want to waste their money after they JUST bought Norton. That computer runs like crap, and they use IE8 (because I install updates) but I know it’d run like a dream with Ubuntu.

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    Being behind a firewall isn’t enough protection. I certainly hope you run as a limited user when browsing around and keep all your browser plug-ins up-to-date with security releases. It can be really tough to know when a rootkit has taken over your system.

    I agree that MSE looks good for parents and grandparents use. Geezers need protection too.

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