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I'm a geek with a love for all things tech. I'm also an online business consultant with expertise in SEO, SMM, and digital marketing strategies.

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    Jacek Krawczyk

    Thank you so much Gina! Your post on Lifehacker will save me many precious hours of my life now that I don’t have to figure out all of this myself.

    Keep up the good work. BTW, Smarterware’s new look is gorgeous.

  2. 2


    Thanks for another great post. Keep up the good work here and on TWiG!

  3. 3

    Dom Ramsey

    I’d be interested to hear about your experiences allowing users to register via FB connect / OpenID.

    I have a blog with a couple of thousand subscribers and I’d love to have people register to encourage more of a community… but I’m concerned about the potential security and management pitfalls.

  4. 4

    Jason Krellner

    Thanks for this Gina, I just do a couple minor family-oriented blogs right now, but plan on going “big time” with a couple commercial blogs soon. This story is top-notch, just like all your others!

    I agree the redesign looks great!

  5. 5


    I love this post! Thanks for the quality tips. They would have helped a lot when I was figuring out my first WordPress installation, but I think they’ll help more now that I’m trying to monkey with it.

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