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    Ross McKillop

    GIMP for semi-serious photo editing. Skitch for adding arrows and text boxes and such. ThumbsUp for batch resizing (http://bit.ly/16zZsd). All free.

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    Facebook User

    I use Acorn but I’m not in love with it–I might even try Pixelmator based on your recommendation next time I need that level of power.

    However, I use Skitch several times a week, and love it. Not only is it good for arrows and text boxes and such, you can also use it to scale and crop images.

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    i got acorn during macheist3 and then found out that unlike every other app from macheist, NO FREE UPGRADES to 2.0 ……..

    i use picturesque (also from macheist) and skitch for web upload stuff

    picasa for management

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    Rick Lobrecht

    I use PhotoShop Elements 6. It was pretty cheap, and is pretty full featured (at least for what I need it to do.) It also comes with Bridge (although not the whole thing) which is much better than the organizer with the Windows version of PhotoShop Elements.


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    I got PhotoShop Elements 6 with my Wacom tablet, as well as Corel Painter Essentials 4. I vastly prefer Painter, but that’s for image creation rather than editing so much. I think GIMP would have to be one of my favorites, though, since it’s pretty customizable (never mind that I can’t make plugins work!).

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