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  1. 1

    Gilbert Sanchez

    You just made my day (err night :p) Gina!

  2. 2


    From a forrest in Sweden
    Nice work!

  3. 3


    Is is just me, or does using the Helvetireader skin (and some of the others) get rid of the “Mark all as Read” button?

  4. 4

    Emmanuel Losier

    This is a great skin with two _buts_ :
    At least for me, the button bar (share, etc) only half appears when I hover over it, the other half seems to go under the div.
    The original creator seemed to have moved to Fever and might not be updating it.

  5. 5


    I just noticed that the “Mark all as Read” button along with the “Refresh” button have been moved to the bottom in the Helvetireader skin. Now it’s perfect!

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