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    Aw, you’re too kind! I am excited about this evolution for Reader, but in looking at Chrome’s bookmark synching, I find myself wishing it was using PSHB tech instead of XMPP. That way I could start to use (for example) sharing links in Reader as a way to add bookmarks to my Chrome bookmark list. Right now, the XMPP-based synching system just isn’t that hackable.

    I wonder if we can convince Google to collaborate internally by talking to them from the outside. 🙂

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    Gina Trapani

    I wonder if we can convince Google to collaborate internally by talking to them from the outside.

    Sounds like a challenge worth taking on!

    So both Wave and Chrome bookmark synching use XMPP to avoid polling. Hmm. Would Brad go to bat for PSHB support in Chromium? I may have to fly up to 6A’s office tomorrow for the meetup to ask him! 🙂

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    Anil: Collaboration like that sounds good to me. =)

    Gina: Please contact me if you’re seeing any issues with Reader to FriendFeed updates. It’s working great for everyone I’ve been talking to. Perhaps there’s something funny about your setup? Let’s get to the bottom of it!

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    Gina Trapani

    Thanks Brett!

    To clarify, Google Reader Shared Items -> FriendFeed works like a charm, as does Smarterware’s feed -> FriendFeed. Both are super-fast.

    It’s Smarterware posts showing up immediately in Google Reader that doesn’t seem to happen for me (like in the CrunchUp demo). But I’m not clear about whether or not GReader has full-on hub/subscriber support built-in (yet).

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    Ah okay great, happy it’s working! Otherwise, what you say here makes sense. At the CrunchUp we showed a prototype of Reader as a full Hubbub subscriber. This feature does not yet exist in the Reader that everyone out there uses. So that’s the source of the confusion. Obviously, we’d like Reader to fully support subscription for all feeds on all hubs out there. We’ll get there! 🙂

    (also, sorry for my awful open ID url… another thing that needs to be fixed)

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    For people using WordPress without Feedburner, there’s a plugin that will enable this on your blog: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-pubsubhubbub/

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