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    I don’t really understand the implementation of either in a website but I can certainly see how a mainstream switch from standard and established email systems to a wave-like structure would be difficult to take for the standard user. I hope that wave makes it as I’m very excited seeing the kind of things that can be done with it but I do doubt that it’s going to be an instant switch over for most people so comfortable with what they are used to.
    I’m sure that one way or another massive developments are on the cards for the way the web, and online communications work.
    Does Wave handle standard email format? From what I saw I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t, and if so it would be a lot easier to get a hold of standard users if it didn’t provide too much of an uphaul from what they are already using.

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    Hugh Isaacs II

    I understand his point but I honestly feel that the benefits far out pace the downsides.

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