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    Behind the scene fixes are always nice and welcomed. Do you know if the $29 upgrade will allow you to do a full reinstall, I’m not a big fan on just upgrading an OS, at least in the PC world its just better.

    Hopefully will be a new mac owner pretty soon. 🙂

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    On a somewhat related topic, I saw your tweet earlier today about your Android phone weeping.

    I’m a happy G1 owner, and I’m kinda interested in what your reactions are to what was announced today at WWDC regarding the 3G S, its price point, features, and what it does, if anything, to how happy you still are (or are not) with being an Android user.

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    “A split pane terminal, so you can run jobs side by side (like tail a log in one pane while running a script in another, so you can see what’s going on in each simultaneously)”

    C-x 3
    M-x term
    C-x o
    M-x term


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    Carlos Yoder

    Being myself a recent switcher, I find it amazing that a new updated OS will actually make an existing computer faster AND at the same time taking less hard disk space.

    Sounds almost too good to be true! Anyways, I’m so *not* going back to Windows.

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    Dave W

    I went ahead and switched out of Firefox to Safari 4 and I’m pretty happy. Glim and some other recently developed plugins have really helped to make Safari a little more how I like to browse.

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    Ryan Smith

    Terminal has better features than a Finder window. Tabs, split pane, themes. Apple, can wez haz better file browzer?

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