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    Jordan Buller

    I just had this thought, and I have no idea if it has ay validity, but is there something to the fact that Steve Jobs was not at the helm for the past several months and this release was lackluster? With Jobs being more active at the company, would we have seen an iPhone video instead of the 3GS?

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    Wow, I was reading about this apparent slowdown, as people aren’t hitting the malls/stores like in years past. I enjoy my Android phone and have no interest in the iPhone/iTouch.

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    AT&T = less bars in more places.

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    Interesting responses, nice to hear some different perspectives. (Too many of my Twitter contacts are iPhone users and there’s too much chatter about it in my feed for my taste.)

    I’m sorry my tweet didn’t make the cut for interestingness.:-} I thought the way my friend summed up why I don’t use the iPhone was interesting:
    “friend of mine said to me recently: figured you wouldn’t have an iPhone, you’re too independent for that (posting re Q by @ginatrapani )”

    It’s in line with some of the comments above.

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    Gina Trapani

    @Ezster: I loved your response, so much I almost RT’ed it (but didn’t because I didn’t want to skew the responses even more!). For some dumb reason it didn’t get included in my reply list, which is a problem with the tool I’m using to compile these. I’m going to add it right now, thanks for reminding me. 🙂

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    For all the people not buying an iPhone because it’s closed – jailbreak it and it’s not.

    Also for those thinking about a 3G instead of a 3Gs now – Why??? It’s only $100 more and the contract price is the same. The benefits you get from a 3Gs are worth more than that. I can certainly see where people would want to wait to upgrade until there was not an upgrade penalty, but when getting a new phone the phone cost itself is a small percentage of the contract cost.

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