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    Keeping zero inbox is not a difficult mission is mission impossible 🙂

    Though, as I wrote on your other blog, could be easier to declutter email also if:
    1) If you have an email you need to process later, transform the E-mail in an appointment (quite all PIM have this feature)with a due date: you’ll have there in a second moment
    2) If possible avoid replying to all (this helps staying focused within people really needed to address the the issues in email).
    3) If not clearly requested avoid replying just to say “for me it’s OK”
    4) use RSS instead of email subscriptions”

    Keep on your great work.

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    Over 400 unreads when I started this week. Today I have zero email at all in my inbox. Thanks for the tips.

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    Gina Trapani

    @Tom4Surfing: Good for you! I’m proud!

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