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    Agreed. I read both of these a few days ago and they’re great. It sounds like he keeps pretty busy and does a lot of traveling, so it’s always interesting to read how someone can still be productive with a schedule like his.

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    Jordan Buller

    After reading about the P2 theme for wordpress and playing around with it, I observed a couple things.

    1) It completely changes the way you use wordpress. The focus obviously moves to the comments and even the postings are not much more than comments. I am impressed the WP team was able to twist the underlying code to do this so effectively.

    2) Is p2 in the vein of Google Wave? Obvious differences exist, but is this inline, instant way of communication where we are heading?

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    Hi Gina.
    Sorry, but I don’t agree to all of this points.
    Or at least I don’t think this rules apply to an efficient working style, unless you are a free lance or you can decide on your own the way you plan your work.

    Just a couple of major points I don’t agree on:
    No meeeting untill 11 AM, for me for example is quite utopic, unless I completely forget of my customers.
    doing similar tasks in same day: good thing to do if you work on your own, much harder if you have a big group of people working with you.

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    John M. Vinch

    Mandatory reading for every brick and mortar CEO!

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