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    Tim Hare

    Haven’t yet used it much, but there’s a free web-based PM called gantter

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    for work I’ve ben using tracker from pivotal labs … it’s gorgeous … 9 of 10 http://www.pivotaltracker.com/

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    Mike Schinkel

    Your post is particularly timely and a bit ironic, at least for me. 🙂 I’ve used several and haven’t been particularly happy with any of them, especially the market leader. So I figured that others might be in the same boat so I just launched a website called PM-Sherpa with a goal to help people find the service the meets their needs the best.

    Right now the site is pretty simple but I plan to add more features as time goes on. You can see it at http://pm-sherpa.com. If you know of a tool we are missing just go to the “Submit” menu option where you’ll find instructions for telling me about other tools.


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    I’m surprised that nobody mentioned the big daddy of all project management tools – Primavera. Whether it’s the classic P3 or the newer P6, there isn’t a better project management tool out there. I give it a 10!

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    Check out http://www.gganttic.com.
    It is a silverlight no-login online application that shows google spreadsheets as Gantt projects.
    It is a beta, and it shows, but overall it is IMHO fine. (disclaimer: I am the guy behind it :))

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    I am with Brooks – serious Project Planners (often contractors) use Primavera. Client Project Managers of large projects in large corporations often have to incorporate Primavera results into Microsoft Project which can be 1) directly accessed by other Project Managers and/or 2) translated into Microsoft Power Point presentations for Management.

    The Project Management Institute can confirm or dispute my assertion (I am retired and no longer a member)

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    For a web-based one – definitely try 5pm (http://www.5pmweb.com)

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    Lauren Halagarda

    I was looking forward to seeing the results of your survey and I’m a bit surprised at the outcome.

    I have used both of the top 2 tools and while I like Basecamp, there are plenty of things that are missing in order for me to consider it a comprehensive Project Management tool and MS Project has such a high learning curve and generally requires an FTE to maintain it’s not ideal either.

    Thanks for the survey & update, Gina! I will definitely check out the other mentions…

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    Obviously we’re biased but check out ProjectSpaces – http://www.projectspaces.com – an easy to use online project management tool. Sign up for a free thirty day trial today!

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    Andy Wright

    Orchestrate is a resource scheduling app, it focuses on scheduling people to perform tasks at locations based on their qualifications. Here’s it’s review on Techcrunch, it wont suit everyone, and it doesn’t have Gantt charts.
    Disclaimer: This is my company’s app

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    I think maybe a lot of people don’t consider what they do from day to day to be “project management”, as much as collaborating with clients or team members.

    We created ClientSpot to support that kind of informal project collaboration, and it’s been well received, especially by virtual professionals.

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    I suggest you to take a look at Teamwork, a great work management software.

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    Andrew Uminski

    I would recommend Comindwork.com – integrates MS Project Gantt charts and Basecamp. You may create Gantt charts online (or import from MS Project files) and also fully synchronize with Basecamp account (everything, even files).

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    I am looking for a hosted solution and like what I see with CreativeOffice Pro, especially the Job Timer, but am concerned about the lack of activity in the Forums. I had posted a question and emailed the developer about the ability to manually add time spent on a task but haven’t heard back from either. Based on their most recent blog, I think they’re moving away from a hosted solution.

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