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    Have you tried the keyboard in the dishwasher trick?

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    Would it be a good idea to try it on a macbook’s keyboard? some of my keys stopped working about a week ago after i cleaned it with some cheap foam. My AppleCare expired already so i´m not worried about voiding the warranty.

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    Michael Moncur

    The dishwasher trick is a risky last resort, but it’s worked on five or six keyboards for me.

    Put the keyboard in the dishwasher for a short cycle with hot water, remove it while it’s still wet. Place it keys-down on a dry surface (such as a towel) in a dry place (such as outside in the sun). Wait a WEEK. Drying is key.

    I’ve used a manual hot water spray instead of a dishwasher in a pinch, that also worked.

    You can speed up drying with a hairdryer or compressed air, but I keep backup keyboards handy, so I just plug one in and leave the other one for a week or so.

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    Michael Moncur

    (Gina’s way is the proper one and far more likely to work, but I’d rather not spend four hours doing keyboard surgery so I usually just take a chance.)

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    Troy Malone

    The dishwasher trick sounds like an emergency tracheotomy. Risky but can save a life. I would have never guessed that you could do that. Looking at Gina’s pictures, I know that I would be left with a few extra screws after the re-assembly!

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    Sheesh. You have like one of the cleanest keyboards evar.

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    Angelo Trivelli

    That keyboard is a lot more complicated than most. Usually, the key contacts/membrane and the circuit board are shielded from dirt and spill so all you normally have to worry about are the keys and the platform underneath them.

    Here’s I clean my keyboard:
    1) Pop off the keys (the first few are the hardest), then put them in a rubbermaid container with water and soap. Shake and let it soak, then rinse and dry overnight.
    2) Wipe off the area under the keys and the outside.
    3) Re-assemble and your done.

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