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    This was one of the best TWITs I’ve listened to in a while, and you’ve now become one of my pantheon of internet heroes, Gina–an English Major AND a technophile! Huzzah!
    Thanks to you and the cast of this ep for having one of the most fulfilling listens I’ve had to one of Leo’s ‘casts in a while. It touched on a lot of subjects near and dear to my heart–especially the last few bits of the show dealing with education. I’m often torn in my job working for an IT department for a public school district between the need for security and providing the “bare bones tech” of what we can afford, and the drive and desire to help the next generation “innovate and create” rather than just “pass and move along”. Thanks again for a great show, and many thanks for you and the staff of Lifehacker and Smarterware for helping me make my job and life a lot more productive.

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    I agree on what has been said on newspapers future.
    I think it’s really hard to change a business model in the middle of the run.
    Though, I think that traditional media will survive a little bit more than we expect. That is mainly because, in my opinion, there will be a matter of a geographic technologic and social allignment. Until this gap is filled, and technology will be availble widely at low cost, traditional communication (and traditional news reporting) will survive.

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