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    Mitch Wagner

    It’s a wonderful study – I love its outrageous ambitiousness: We’re going to do a study that determines what makes a good life, and we’re going to follow a group of people for almost all their lives to do it, no matter how long they live. Now that’s science!

    One of the most interesting elements of the study was that personal connections are key to long life. Bad news for us childless introverts. I would love to see a study that looks at whether social media activity makes us healthier? Does our biochemistry interpret social media connectivity as authentic?

    Another interesting element is the diversity of particpants. True, they were all Harvard students, all men, of a particular time and place — but their lives were so different afterwards.

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    Thanks, Gina. That was a terrific, timely read.

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    Fred West

    An Optimist says the glass is half full
    A Pessimist says the glass is half empty
    An Engineer says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

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    Chui Tey

    We may talk about the glass, when we really care about the water, since one can’t drink the glass.

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