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    Mitch Wagner

    Glad you enjoyed it so much, Gina – and thanks for the glowing write-up.

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    I enjoyed second life when I used it last year and it does have its place on the social networking ladder. The only annoying thing is its not that open to certain types of graphic cards. So I have be unable to return to second life as my current ATI radeon graphics card does not meet their spec

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    I got into Second Life for a purpose (my daughter wanted me to come watch the Mars mission live) and did keep walking around for a few months afterwards. “Met” some very nice people in a couple of areas (Iowa and Newbie Doo) but as I mentioned, after a while every time I showed up, there was no one there.

    I haven’t reloaded the SL software since I reformatted my hard drive… guess it’s probably time I did. 🙂

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    Felix Pizarro

    I was one of the victims of wandering off to empty space, so reading you bedrock experience made me feel like a lonely fool! Maybe its time also for me to give Second Life a Second Chance 🙂

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    I’m a little biased (I made http://www.getafirstlife.com/), but while I think the concept of a user-generated virtual world is brilliant, SL’s execution is way too complicated. The company that gives us a Second Life clone that’s as easy, fun and immersive to play as, say, World of Warcraft, is going to make a mint.

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    Ilene Frank

    As a reasonably long-time SL resident, I’m biased too! I’m glad you noted that Second Life “is about meeting up with and communicating with people.” Meeting up with other librarians and educators in Second Life has kept me engaged. I agree that the learning curve’s steep – but the colloboration and creativity going on there has made it worth the aggravation which for me includes a lot of bumping into walls and falling in the water and otherwise bumbling around. 😉

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    Wondering if there is going to be a “My Second/third… Time in Second Life”

    I am considering trying it again (last tried a couple of years ago) to see if I can get past the learning curve. Was looking for your impressions of it without a ‘tour guide’.

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