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  1. 1


    Like the setup. Only wish I could draw…

  2. 2

    Gina Trapani

    Yeah, drawing skills are required to make the most of this! And the drawings would be very permanent. I want an office made entirely of whiteboard so I could erase mistakes and redraw.

  3. 3


    Is that an old Apple SE/30 by the mouse statue? Also ditto on the whiteboard.

  4. 5


    Betcha that office has a no smoking policy. Or halogen lamps!

  5. 6


    Is it recycled cardboard? I guess not…

  6. 7


    Looks fantastic there, but in reality would be trashed and shabby looking within a month or two, plus i’d have to spend 90% of my time painstakingly planning what to draw.

    A whiteboard office is a hell of an idea though, maybe with some blackboard contrast going on too…

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