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    Joseph Schnurr

    Another good option is to run an rxvt shell from cygwin directory. That along with Tabbed Cygwin, gives you tabs, and a “real” unix shell. No transparency though 🙁

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    Donnie Clapp

    Thanks for the tip. MinTTY looks and feels great, but it won’t launch windows programs for me. For instance, I use the Textmate clone E for coding (which, incidentally, comes with CygWin). From the regular CygWin Bash shell, I can type e . in a directory to open that directory as a project in E. In MinTTY, e . just hangs and never does anything. I have to Ctrl-C to end the command. Any idea what’s going on?

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    @Donnie: MinTTY uses Cygwin’s pseudo terminal devices (“ptys”), which are implemented using Windows pipes. Native Win32 apps expect to talk to a console rather than a pipe though, which often causes trouble with interactive programs. You could try running E through ‘run’ or ‘cygstart’.

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    I couldn’t get mine to look as sexy as yours, but a nice tip nonetheless. Love the site, Gina.

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    What’s the Windows theme in the screenshot? It does look rather good.

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    Have you looked at Console? I only just started playing with it, but I think it does everything you want, including tabs.

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    Tom Hirashima

    Not bad. I personally used Console2 a lot back in my cygwin days. tabs and a native win32 interface. not quite as pretty, though.

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    Cygwin stays on my list of top geeky stuff. It’s not linux and it’s not windows – something complex in between. I never figured out all the details of some unix commands through cygwin.
    Instead, I decided to install linux in a virtual machine and I just fire it up whenever I need to do serious command line stuff.

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