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    I’ve heard rumors since early last fall about how Google’s official support will work. Android apps can fully replace the dialer, so the GV app could suppress the ringer on your phone and pick up automatically. This would make GV dialing seem identical to regular dialing.

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    Oren Goldberg

    If you press menu in the app and go to preferences, you will see that there are 2 ways to dial out, both of which use your gv# on caller id. The 2nd option allows you to take advantage of the “press 2 to dial out” option on your voice menu, but automates the whole process. I much prefer this method. If you can, you should probably correct your article, as it states that the callback method is the only way to do it.

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    Gina Trapani

    Oren–I saw that option and tried it, but at first it seemed like it required you type in the phone number you want to call, which doesn’t work for me (who remembers actual phone numbers any more?).

    Though I tried it again, and if you wait a moment after the “Dial the phone number you’d like to call” bit, it DOES automatically call the contact you chose without manual entry. So thanks! That rocks. Will update the post.

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    Lee Jones

    Seen anything like this for a Blackberry Curve?

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    My new Android arrived today! 🙂 Please tell us, what apps do you use and avoid? Thanks!


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    I had the GrandCentral app and that worked pretty similar to this one but this app seems newer yet – probably the same guy tho.
    I just wish GV would have worked with my google apps account (which is where all my contacts are, not in my gmail account).

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    Dennis Chiuten

    Any word on an iPhone version?

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    Does anyone has any problem connecting to GV? I have a problem connecting to any sites that require user name and the password. And now not able to log in to GV application. Maybe some encryption setting?

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    Correction. Called tmobile, after rebooting the phone i can log in the web site using the browser. However when try to “Test login” in GV i get “2131034141 Invalid user name or password”. But can log in in google voice with no problems.

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    Russell McLean

    Hi Gina, have you heard anything about when Google Voice will be opened to the masses? It seems like the “few weeks” they originally talked about has slipped

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    Jeremy Lambert

    And for those who would like the SMS and dialing from windows mobile phones, I give you:

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