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    I LOVE the canned response auto-reply with one exception … it amends your return address to read username+canned.response@gmail.com.

    I’m not sure why gmail feels the need to expose the canned-ness of the response in your reply-to address, it seems unnecessary and almost a little rude. Even auto.response@gmail.com would be a little gentler. Granted, in the case of your PR flacks, you don’t care if they know it’s canned … but I use my auto-responders to deal with frequent inquiries that I care about, and the reply-to address gives me away every time.

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    Gina Trapani

    Oh wow, I didn’t even realize that Canned responses gave you away like that! I always start every canned response with “sorry for the impersonal reply, but” to cover my bases (and not sound like a bot), but I can see how this could be trouble. Buyer beware!

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    Debashish Chakrabarty

    The more I tell them to unsubscribe the more they send me those emails. The best option is to apply a filter to send them to the place they deserve to be, the trash-can 🙂

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