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    The sense of entitlement displayed by a lot of free software users is a constant source of amazement for me. You even get this on alpha or beta programs where folks have to opt-in very explicitly and go ape when things don’t work right.

    Thanks for getting to it in your own good time 😉

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    I’m sorry to hear about the passing in your family. It’s a difficult time, and the last thing you need is to have so many people complaining to you about their little extension problem.

    I was a bit surprised myself when it didn’t seem to work, but I knew you would get to it in due time. I suppose this debacle is simply a consequence of your popularity 🙂 I, for one, appreciate what you’ve done with the extension, and I look forward to your future projects.

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    I’ve seen a lot of cool projects abandoned because the person working on it got tired of getting aggressively complainy emails about project progress and updates (or delays thereof). This issue really bothers me, so I’ll make this fairly concise.

    1. The delay was perfectly reasonable in response to a significant change in the Gmail markup, it was still a perfectly reasonable timeframe for a fix, even if a) you weren’t away, and b) this extension was a paid product.

    2. I don’t need to tell you that you don’t need anybody’s permission to put family/personal needs ahead of pet projects. It’s a given, and an important one.

    3. You have a whole community here, and you give so much time in sharing your projects and sharing a lot of useful information. Don’t ever hesitate to lean on that same community if we can do anything to help.

    4. I’m sorry to hear about the loss in your family, and wish you happier times ahead.

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    I apologiseon behalf of the a$$hol€s.

    you don’t need it, you don’t deserve it.

    and they don’t deserve you.


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