New Version of Todo.txt Touch for Android Now Available

February 6, 2012

Just pushed a new version 0.8 of Todo.txt Touch for Android, which offers a brand spanking new homescreen widget, tappable contact info, better search results, and more. Download it to your Android device now.

In addition to the new homescreen widget pictured here, this release detects email addresses and phone numbers in task text and offers a one-tap shortcut to the dialer or your device's email handler. For example, if you have a task that reads "Email or call 718-555-1212," when you tap on that task, the action menu looks like this. Tap on the email address to compose a message or the phone number to pre-fill your phone's dialer.

Searching todo.txt for keywords now works better, too. If you've got two tasks that read "Process pull requests" and "Request pull on project," in earlier versions if you searched for "pull request" you'd only see the first task. Instead of only displaying exact phrase matches, version 0.8 ORs your terms, so a search for "pull request" returns both tasks.

More interface improvements: when you scroll down your todo.txt file and complete or delete a task, the app remembers your scroll position and keeps you in place. This makes processing consecutive tasks easier. The filter interface has been redesigned to match the rest of the application, in white and green. See it here. Finally, thanks to the latest version of the Dropbox SDK and Android LINT, this release is more secure, more performant, and less buggy.

Thanks to all the Todo.txt community members who make Todo.txt Touch for Android happen.

Version 0.8 has been submitted to the Amazon Appstore for approval, but you can download Todo.txt Touch from the Android Market now.