June 30, 2011

Google is now highlighting authors and content creators next to web pages in search results, and it just started working for this blog. Here's how to hook it up for your site. (Hint: use the http, not https, link to your Google profile in your rel="author" link.)

When I was younger and first went to the USA I was enchanted by people’s names. On Google Reader for ages I took Gina to be a person of the female persuasion then a few weeks back for a reason I cannot recall I had to adjust my view as I got the impression it was a man’s moniker (as we say here), hey ho I thought. Now Google to the rescue again as it turns out you are a bonnie lassie after all.

Jun 30 11 at 6:10 pm

Hey Gina,

Did you know Google is putting restrictions on how you can appear in your Google Plus profile photo if you want to use this service? See the discussion on G+ here:


I like the “cartoon me” as my G+ profile picture, but Google won’t let me participate in the Authorship thing and have my picture appear in search results unless I change it to an actual photo.

Perhaps a small thing, but it seems odd that Google would have humans manually making decisions about what kind of content is acceptable in search results, and I think that’s worth discussing.

Dom [+6]
Jul 7 11 at 11:50 pm

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