Where to Find Me at SXSW This Weekend

March 8, 2011

I am getting old; this weekend will be the sixth year I head down to South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, TX for a weekend of events I'm really looking forward to—beyond buying an iPad 2, that is! If you'll be around, come find me. On Saturday at 5pm I'll be at Ginger Man drinking beer and hosting a ThinkUp community meetup. On Sunday I'll join Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis on stage at Momo's for a very special live TWiT episode, with several fabulous guests. On Monday morning at 11am, I'll be pitching my worst idea to a VC for funding at my co-worker Andy Baio's Worst Website Ever panel alongside frighteningly hilarious folks like Ze Frank, Jonah Peretti, and Jeffery Bennet. Hope to see you in Texas.

Gina, you are a true g33k. G33ks are in a sense of the word, ageless. Therefore, you are ageless in the same sense of the word. You can always be child-LIKE without being child-ISH. While I am sometimes the former, I am often the latter and that results in the exuberant, joyful and creative human being that I seem to have become. You can always be child-LIKE.

Robert Bigelow [+49]
Mar 8 11 at 9:47 am

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