Google Hotpot

November 16, 2010

I Google places I want to go or need directions to or want to research on my phone constantly, so I'm really digging the newly-launched Google Hotpot, a ratings and recommendations engine for Google Places. Most iPhone-toting tech writers will miss the killer app in this whole product: the Android homescreen widget, which lets you rate the place you are currently in with one tap, no application launch required. The downside to Hotpot's social component is that you have to build a whole new friends list of people whose recommendations you want to see. Gawd, I'm tired of making friends lists. Here's my entire writeup at Google Hotpot Powers Local Recommendations (Watch Out, Yelp).

On another note: Blocking Google TV

Flash is not just a video container, its a programming langauge. This API has routines to return information about the hardware it runs on – Chip, OS, resolution ability etc. They can simply check for the OS and refuse to play ball.

Sterlingwit [+10]
Nov 17 10 at 2:25 pm

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