Google Goggles Searches by Camphone Photo

December 7, 2009

Google Goggles wine label
Today Google releases a new search-by-picture Android application called Google Goggles. You point your cameraphone at a product, landmark, logo, book or DVD, business card, or storefront, take a photo, and Goggles returns search results related to that photo. While I love the idea of the app, in practice Goggles is pretty slow to analyze a photo and return results, at least on my G1--and the results are hit-or-miss. I snapped photos of an Xbox 360 controller, a copy of Moby Dick, a bottle of Mucinex and a box of Sudafed (hey, I'm sick today). Goggles turned up information about Moby Dick and Sudafed instantly, but choked on the Xbox controller and the Mucinex. Download Goggles for free by searching for it in the Android Market, or check out the explainer video about Goggles here.

I had the same mixed results… it couldn’t figure out what my Zune 30 was (but nether can anyone else), but it couldn’t recognize a box of Swiffer Wetjet pads… when I took a picture of the logo. It did manage to recognize some gardening gloves I saw at the grocery store, and correctly identified the cover of an Edward Gorey illustrated edition of HG Well’s War of the Worlds.

Gary Hanson [+2]
Dec 7 09 at 10:42 pm

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