Modify Firefox for Your Netbook

September 16, 2009

Finally gave into my netbook lust and got an Eee PC. (It's for my better half, of course. Ahem.) But since it's not the most minimalist browser on the market, I had to modify Firefox to trim down extra UI bits and make it more netbook-friendly. Over at Lifehacker this morning, I published my full list of userChrome.css tweaks that maximize Firefox 3.5's viewing area on netbooks.

Running Windows on a netbook? What a waste of the already-low hardware resources… get Ubuntu Netbook Remix from Canonical! It automatically has a window manage installed that maximizes available real estate.

By the way, Gina, if you read this, I’ve been trying to get a message to Leo about his comments on TWiG that you can’t sync an iPhone with Google calendars/contacts… you can!

Also, regarding your TWiG comment about subscribing to authenticated feeds in Reader… check out

augmentedfourth [+10]
Sep 16 09 at 10:21 am

Naaaa, the UBR is awful. Even a four year old doesn’t need icons that big to navigate a computer. And don’t get me started on Moblin

Check out eeebuntu; it’s optimized for the eee (I’ve got it on my 701 and it’s terrific) and has a really solid group developing for it/modifying the kernel/etc.

gyffes [+4]
Sep 17 09 at 7:09 am

UNR was interesting, but needed a bit of hacking on my old Eee900 (not the Atom version). I just installed Easy Peasy 1.5 this afternoon (based on Ubuntu 9.04), and everything worked out of the box. It’s certainly the best netbook OS I’ve ever used.

Easy Peasy is a descendant of Ubuntu Eee (not eeebuntu).

augmentedfourth [+10]
Sep 17 09 at 7:34 pm

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