Prepare Your Mac for Snow Leopard

August 26, 2009

Install Snow Leopard An operating system update like this Friday's release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a perfect time to clean up your computer and start fresh. Let's prepare your Mac for this weekend's 10.6 upgrade.

To install Snow Leopard, all you need is the $29 Snow Leopard DVD, no matter what Apple says about the Mac box set. You do, however, do need an Intel-based Mac. you can either go from Leopard using the $29 Snow Leopard upgrade disc ($5 off at Amazon), or go from Tiger using the $169 Mac Box Set ($20 off at Amazon). Here's Apple's full set of system requirements.

In short, there are two ways to get Snow Leopard on your Mac: upgrade and install over Leopard, or wipe your hard drive clean and start from scratch.

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hey, it turns out that users dont need a preinstalled 10.5 on their hdd, people who already got snow leopard (germany) reported it on this german Mac Blog (

Yes, you’re right–post corrected. Sorry about the confusion!

Gina Trapani [+195]
Aug 26 09 at 10:33 am

The Leopard upgrade disc just checks for an existing 10.4+ installation when you boot from the disk, but you can still run Disk Utility to erase and/or repartition the drive before installation. I’d assume that the Snow Leopard upgrade will work similarly.

augmentedfourth [+10]
Aug 26 09 at 12:26 pm

It may be *technically* possible to install of this $29 DVD since they just priced the same CD differently. But the reason they did so was because they have an expectation that people will abide by the license agreements – binding contracts. I find it amazing that Apple has put such trust in people and in the honor code to do such a thing, and I really wish it was made more clear that this is the case.

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